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As a Complex Adaptive Organization, we are fully Holarchic and have been, by necessity, Indie from the outset. Complex Adaptive Systems learn, grow, and evolve alongside their Complex Adaptive Environments. We therefore are very particular about the Health and Wellbeing of our Collective Environment. We fully support a Healthy Ecology, Peace Activism, Social and Environmental Reform and Universal Transhumanist Rights.


The Power of the Collective is Strong. And growing day by day. One of the greatest things you can do in these times is to get on board and join in. We all need each other: it’s our Future.



It is crucial that humankind develops a benevolent stewardship toward Nature. The old extractive ‘command and exploit’ worldviews are antiquated and dangerous.

The new approach must be Regenerative, seeking to Heal and Nurture all that we are born into. That way Nature will Heal and Nurture us, in return. All good relationships depend on Reciprocation and Trustworthiness. 


It is earnestly hoped that all Humanity will rise up with one voice in unified solidarity for the generosity Our Home has lavished upon us,

Throughout the long history of Cultures, Music and Song have been a source of strength and inspiration. It is in this Spirit that we seek to help.

Youth is our greatest resource. Our children represent the Future of Humanity.

Consumers want to contribute to the solution; energy independence is a basic human right.

Windmills have been with us for a long time. They lend an atmosphere of elegance to the surrounding landscape.

Perfect Vision for 21st Century Advances

 Blind Science will Blind-Side us. We are still responsible for the wise application of our power and technology. We must always remember to seek the good in deciding what means should fulfill any purpose. 

The impressive number of Scientists and Engineers coming forth in advocacy for Green and Clean paradigms is quite large and constitutes a zeitgeist and cultural movement worldwide.
Aabideen Shaq

Long-term Planning

Lurching spasmodically from profit-taking excess to exploitation is obvious and repulsive.

Clean Energy

What the People want is to breathe again; free and easy. And we want our Bees back.

The Human Body is an Electro-Magnetic Dynamo. Don’t corrupt the Field.

clean tech

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Join the reEvolution

clean energy for the future of mankind

Stop climate change


97% of climate experts agree.

We humans are causing climate crisis.

Secretary General, United Nations

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Real Prosperity can only come from a stable society committed to long-term Peace. While it’s true that Monopolistic Warlords profit excessively at the expense of their taxable citizenry, the damage to social structure, human psyche and material destruction far outweighs this type of greedy opportunism.

The Experts

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The Fight

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The Solutions

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Join a growing movement of people around the world who are working to keep their local communities safe from climate impacts.

A joint venture with our partners


What Experts say


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By 2050, Renewable energy for whole planet

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