Another Season in Earnest

The Original Musicosophy Band began October 1st 2013.  This year marks our 5th Season and what a marvelous adventure it has been. Thinking back on all the people we met on this love-filled journey brings a mist to the corners of the eyes. And a Smile, as always!

For the start of this season, Id like to post a collage of memories from some of our former travels.

The Original Musicosophy band has a favorite hangout in the center of downtown Graham, NC. The place is quite well-known. And though it sits right on the corner of the town-square, there is a secret courtyard behind and a passage that is infrequently travelled. Few indeed are the persons who comprehend the labyrinthine connections that look out upon the rear-facing courtyard. Sometime around early September, we will have a hoodoo-bash adjacent to this courtyard and its mysterious passage-ways and perhaps you can see its enchantment for yourself.

And so we begin our story with Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of Outdoor Celebrations by commenting upon the ‘official’ close of the Summer Season. We know already that last night’s event was quite special and well-received. There will be many, many events prior to September. You are invited to join the fun and be a part of the magic. In fact, why not bring your friends; you will be graciously received!

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then, there is this classic:

We had a standing gig at the Soda Shop last night but Lee was away and Terry was in Missouri. So Lynn, Maureen and I were going to just diddle around, perhaps something reminiscent of our Olden Days with the jazz combo. But then Oscar said he’d be there, so we thought, ‘why not do a show’. 

   Then I found this guy way back in the woods, sitting on an old-timey antique piano stool (the kind with ornate leaves carved on the legs and brass bird-claws for feet) playing make-shift percussion on hap-hazard old jury-rigged drum parts: beating out rhythms with his hands; and we played for hours and it was fantastic! 

So I invited him to come sit in and play with us. (But he went into surgery and had his hands operated on 2 days ago). He wasn’t sure about playing so soon but now he is; so he’ll be there, too.


So the 3 diddlers and Oscar, who is only 2 days old, and the Tinkerer, who just had his hands fixed are going to attempt to do a show tonight. It won’t be the regular crew but it could be very interesting, nevertheless.

So that’s the news from Lake Eden. Gotta run: for I must cross the river, traverse back up into the holler, climb the hill, follow the ridge, turn down the old dirt roadway back off yonder behind all the farms and get to the place where you can look out across the valley at all the little villages, in order to find the Tinkerer and bring him to the gig.

From Blogger (7/4/14)

And then there’s always this one about Ras Jambone at the Mineola Plant :

We have an interesting story about the Mineola Plant (the Cone Mills Building that Gibsonville Antiques is located in) and it seems that the Original Musicosophy band already has a connection there.

You see, back in 1975, when our singer and front-man Mr. Jambone Stumproot hisownself was about 17 years old (give or take) he was working with a construction detail that was doing some modifications to the structure and, being the youngest and most nimble, was assigned to clamber up the really scary scaffolding and break a hole through the thick concrete walls with a pneumatic chisel (jack-hammer). Ras Jam relates that as he got to the top, the entire scaffolding structure began to sway this way and that and that operating the jack-hammer cradled in his arms did nothing to stabilize the tower.

Ras Jambone is still plenty nimble to this day and you can catch some of his fancy antics as he entertains you at the Gibsonville Antiques Shop (located in that very building) this Sunday (7/27) from 2:30 to 4:30 pm. The energy is good and it is free of charge and open to the public. Myra Burkhead, the proprietress, is collecting canned goods for the Food Bank so bring a few staples for the needy when you come. One Community- One Love! See you there.

       (from Blogger 7/21/14)

I think that’s all for now. Time for a little dinner and then a quick phone-call to the crew. Happy Smiles!