Musico's Indie Holoarchy:

The Nabateans Performance Art Ensemble  are part of an Emergent Holarchy that grew Organically from its membership collective, including its fan base, followers, recruits, and apprenticeships from the organization: quite a dynamic network

Snake Doctor is an American Rock Band featuring riff-based guitar music with ample swampy mystique. The songs are solid and frequently evoke archetypes from the primordial legacies that still haunt our diverse natural terrain.

Soul Music, Smooth Jazz, Funk-Lite, R&B, and Authentic Native Tarheel Ubi-Jubi. Melodious sonority that is positive and uplifting. Happy notes played in hopping, syncopated rhythm chuckles. The sheer joy of channeling the Muses.

The Mountain Rain Reggae Band has been around since 1979 or 1980 and has persevered ever since, in one form or another. Various personnel from Mountain Rain have been involved in the Roots Rock and Reggae scene for over 40 years

What is Musico's Indie Holarchy?

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Musico is a holarchic Indie organization which brings together tools, services and people for a complete Indie music ecosystem. Musico aims to provide every element needed to produce, record, perform and market an artist or brand successfully. Our primary focus is to build teams of creatives and bands who have similar interests and goals, as well as providing consultation services to artists or entrepreneurs looking to enter the music industry. We also offer a unique platform where teams of creatives can collaborate on projects. Musico is an innovative organization that seeks to drive innovation and promote genius in the contemporary expression of today’s independent musical environment.

Opening Night

Follow us down the rabbit hole as we explore the possibilities of independent music. From recording your own music and branding yourself as an artist to planning events and marketing your creations, you’ll see firsthand how supportive our team is when it comes to helping each other reach the next level. We are a collective of creatives who are setting out on a journey together; let’s make this journey truly magical!

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Special Guest

For those who’ve chosen music as a lifestyle, our creatives hew their own path through life by tapping into their talents to build an audience that can appreciate their talents – whether they play for 20 people or thousands. By providing unique experiences they experience freedom and joy while working to promote their artist brand in the industry. Nothing is more exciting for music fans and aspiring musicians than the chance to see a special guest, headliner, or marquee artist up on stage. Under the spotlights, with cheering fans and a crowd begging for more, there is no better feeling.

Join the Movement

Come join us on a journey of groundbreaking music and a never-before-seen experience. Musico is an indie organization that is taking the music scene by storm with its unique approach to recording and performance. This will be unlike anything ever witnessed before, offering a once in a lifetime experience of profundity that will define inspiration for years to come, in the most unique of ways. Don’t put your dreams on hold: be there and be indie.


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 We’re serving Greensboro NC, Reidsville NC, Danville VA, Yanceyville NC, Hillsborough NC and Burlington/Graham NC and all surrounding areas.

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