Musician(s ) Wanted


Keyboard (Piano, Rhodes, Organ):  For most of the song, the keyboard would be laying back with a hip but understated rhythm groove (think subtle pocket). Just quiet little chord bursts, very sparse, but rhythmically important. Like any Soul or Funk groove. Jazzy; understated. …just note clusters with a rhythmic hand.

When the time comes, every song will have zones where you break out into extemporaneous romps. This is your solo zone. You don’t have to ‘tear it up’ all the time (unless you want to). It can be lovely and expressive, if that’s what you want. I guess the point is that it’s yours to create as you please. It would probably be helpful to have good streaming ability; well-honed chops with chromaticisms and arpeggios, etc. You don’t have to, of course; good dexterity with a blues scale should suffice (or a pentatonic major).

It really does Emerge from the Song Organically and you just have to play with us at practice to develop the best pocket for each song. Some things are just that way, I suppose…

Very Important:

Please don’t think we’re hard to get along with: we are the nicest, most cordial folks you could ever hope to meet.

  • Our sound is built around our concept.
  •  whatever habits and vices you might have, please be clean, decent and respectable (and sober) at the shows and during practice.
  • Also, once you’re one of us, we are building our public performance around your contribution to the whole. You have to make the show
  • And if you only make the show and never make practice, then we will  feel cheated because we figure you only wanted to use us for the money and didn’t really care about us as human beings. This is a Soul band, you have to have one to be in it.

These are just the basics that likely go without saying in any band.