About Us

The Snake Doctor’s music is a unique blend of authentic tar-heel Ubi-Jubi, foot-stompin’ gospelesque boogaloo, and funky swamp-music influences. While these influences always seem to be present in their music, this band can create a sound that is slick and polished without losing that backwoods swamp sound.

Boasting creatively flavored swamp fusion and Tar River Americana, Snake Doctor has a well-travelled guitar sound that fuses funk riffs with lyrical riff-rock and lofty hill-country rhythms from around the Qualla Reservation.

Introduced in 1964, before Led Zeppelin, when blues guitar legends like Albert Collins came to be known as true pioneers of the electric guitar, Snake Doctor knows the old barn-burners, growing up in a swampy backwoods environment and how to tap into deep roots for that profoundly “real” sound. They were formed in 2005 in the county jailhouse, playing a benefit show before cigarette-smoking inmates during weekly ‘canteen’. Smokes were banned the next day following numerous infractions.