Set List

First Set: the first set is energetic and proceeds at a lively pace, tearing through the first four numbers. It doesn’t slow down much but gets more evenly paced until #8 (Washtowel). After that things get Serious. It lightens up some by song #13 (Easy Chair) before becoming Profound with #19 People Get Ready. We bring it down, notch by notch for the last Four numbers, in preparation for the Darker, more Mysterious 2nd Set.

  1. Yesterday’s Gone (Fleetwood Mac)
  2. Saint Stephen (Grateful Dead)
  3. Good Love (Rascals)
  4. Franklin’s Tower (Dead)
  5. Bron-y-aur Stomp (Zeppelin)
  6. Love the One You’re With (Stills)
  7. Jane Says (Jane’s Addiction)
  8. The Washtowel (Dylan/Hendrix)
  9. Roy Harper (Zeppelin)
  10. Motherless Child/Revolution (Traditional/Airplane)
  11. Battle of Evermore (Zeppelin)
  12. Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door (Dylan)
  13. Easy Chair (Dylan)
  14. Blowing in the Wind (Dylan)
  15. That’s the Way (Zeppelin)
  16. Leaving on a Jet Plane (Denver)
  17. Wonderful Tonight (Clapton)
  18. Looking for Love (Johnny Lee)
  19. People Get Ready (Curtis Mayfield)
  20. Thank You (Zeppelin)
  21. Morning Dew (Dead)
  22. Help Me Make it Through the Night (Kristofferson)
  23. Long as I Can See the Light (CCR)

Second Set: starts off energetic as well, and stays that way for the first ten numbers. However, the general disposition is notably more enigmatic. That’s because this is our Snake Doctor, Magic Roots and Mojo set. This is what we’re known for and we’re good at it. It gets deep, it gets mysterious, it can be a little sophisticated in places, but it is uniquely ours. Around song #12, it begins to lighten back up again before transitioning back to covers for the last two closing numbers.

  1. I Had a Dream (Snake Doctor)
  2. Love Song (Snake Doctor)
  3. Crackerbox (Snake Doctor)
  4. Chronicles of Levi (Snake Doctor)
  5. Kingfisher (Snake Doctor)
  6. Cat Walk (Snake Doctor)
  7. Hope (Snake Doctor)
  8. Dance of the Dog People (Snake Doctor)
  9. Old Hobo Song (Snake Doctor)
  10. Old Alnor (Snake Doctor)
  11. Renegade (Snake Doctor)
  12. Reba (Snake Doctor)
  13. These Days Were Made for Love (Snake Doctor)
  14. Globe and Stone (Snake Doctor)
  15. Not Fade Away (Holly)
  16. Easy Like a Sunday Morning (Ritchie)

Coda: the ‘after hours’ wind-down, consisting of improvisational instrumentals for those who choose to linger and hear some fine virtuoso expressionism.

  1. B flat Jazz Blues (Snake Doctor)
  2. Blue Bossa (Snake Doctor)
  3. C7 Jazz Blues (Snake Doctor)
  4. B minor King style Blues (Snake Doctor)
  5. Slow Blues in G (Snake Doctor)