Sonic Performance Ensemble


Tribal Beats


Follow The Rhythmic Luxons

Tribal Drumming

Enochian Chanting

Nomadic Rhythm Structures

Ciamar a tha thu

Awesome Musical Compositions
Without Limits

Become One with the Cause

“Subject and Object Merge in Unity”

Medieval Europe


Visit Medieval Europe through past-life regressions in the alpha state. Hypnotic rhythms can transport you via binaural entrainment into archetypal worlds and heal your Acestral Karma.

It is possible to follow the course of western philosophy as it is expressed across the Ages and evolving through the dynasties of multiple countries. By living through the course of immersive history, you become history and it becomes a part of you. There is no better school of Higher Learning than Lived Experience.


Native Americas

Into the Past

Spiritually Expand with the Bird Tribes. Native American drums are the Engine driving the pow-wow and the fancy-dancers spin and weave from a powerful altered consciousness. The driving beat and chanting make for a powerful state of shamanistic trance. Big Medicine for Channeling the Great Spirit.


Dream Catchers and Sage

If you’ve ever been to a Rainbow Festival and Gathering of the Clans, you will instantly recognize the ubiquitous fumigation ritual. That and the patchouli fragrance. Colors and Fragrances stimulate the olfactory nerves closest to the Amygdalae, which regulate our security radar and assist in Nurture and Friendship.


Art Nouveau

A brief but instrumental precursor to Modernism occurred with the highly ornate and incandescent pastels of the Art Nouveau movement (mid 1890s, ending with WW I in 1914), which fluidly expressed the organic quality of sinuous tendril and asymmetrical line. Though displaced by Art Deco after the war it enjoyed a spectacular comeback in the graphic arts of the psychedelic movement. Nabateans are implicitly Hip and  Culturally Aware!


Grooving With The Beatniks

Modern contemporary started with the Beat Generation, the Beat Poets of Greenwich Village, or simply the Beatniks. While a lone Beatnik sat in the corner thumping out rhythms on his bongos, the Beat Poets, binaurally entranced by the mesmerizing motifs, would launch into spontaneous verbal composition. Thus the modern aoidoi completed the circle of existential human creativity, late-night in the dives. From these sparse roots emerged the hippies and along with them came tie-dye, flower-power and the Peace Movement.


Beyond the Doors of Tomorrow

Elbereth Gilthoniel, Silibren penna Miriel

!O Mena Aglar Elenath! Gilthoniel, a Elbereth.


Ever the Road goes on and on and ever I must follow; for still ’round some corner there might wait a Hidden Pass or Secret Gate. And though I oft have passed them by a Time will come at last when I shall take the Hidden pass that runs West of the Moon and East of the Sun.


Headed Out For The Evening

Folk-dances in the village plaza are a sociocultural tradition and rare is the youth who would willingly miss one.

opening this summer

the rhythm house

We are proud members of the avant garde initiative, Contemporary Innovative Modalities, a psycho-spiritual development collectivity. 

While we are currently headquartered at the forward-thinking Caswell Community House in their audio-visual sound-labs, we joyfully travel all over the Southeast to bring our performance art to drumming circles anywhere.

We subscribe to Caswell Guitar Studios and are frequent contributers there.


World Beat

Global Music

The Nabateans are a sonic performance ensemble representing hypnotic and trance inducing rhythms via world beat; featuring sophisticated binaural entrainment and transformative tribal chanting with enochian kirtana.

Creative innovation is our specialty. 


embark within

Vibration Station

World Music encompasses the folk traditions that are passed down from generation to generation, constituting the cultural DNA of our Human ancestry. And through it all Tribal Beats have been an essential partner. Go where your Human forebears have walked before you and merge with the Global Heartbeat.

Rhythm constitutes, as it were, our most visceral connection to the Dimension of Time, which is otherwise invisible. Everything is alive and everything has a pulse. Just as clocks left in a room together will synchronize their pendulums, we also synchronize our thoughts and feelings to the pulse of the universe.

Our Neck of the woods

General Lay of the Land