Soul Music, Smooth Jazz, Funk-lite, R&B,
and Authentic Native Tarheel Ubi-Jubi

The Original Musicosophy Band

What is the Original Musicosophy Band?

Our style is laid-back with sort of a jazzy groove. We’ve developed a lively and rhythmic style that sounds something like a funky gospelesque boogalooo.

Quoting from the Press…

Easy on the Ears

Native Tarheel Ubi-Jubi: What Is It?

What is Authentic Ubi-Jubi music? It is based on indigenous West African Syncopation (known as the 3:2 Clave) which arrived in the Southeastern US via of ‘the North American Passage’. Over time, it became naturalized in the old home places and backwater ‘hollers’ of Piedmont North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. It sounds natural enough, like a bouncy rhythm and blues, but it has that swing!

It renders entire communities of participants synchronous without resort to rigid and autocratic stipulation-isms. It makes an excellent improvisational device. Done well, it stimulates the body to eurhythmic spontaneity and promotes dancing. It sets the toe to tapping and makes the face to Smile.

Rhythmic Roots

“At its Living Roots, Authentic Native Tarheel Ubi-jubi grows out of the Rhythm. Therefore it is Rhythm first and foremost. Music without Rhythm is like a car with no engine: it doesn’t go anywhere.”


“Syncopation, like Okra; is the Ingredient that thickens the Stew and holds the Pot together. During Improv, it is easy for the combo to come unglued unless the Recipe is based on a syncopated root-structure. This Syncopated Root is what holds the Improvising personalities together during performance. It is really Magical.”


“what these guys play is Soul Food for the ears…”


And Finally…

“Many beautiful people have crossed our path and for these and our exquisite journey we are eternally grateful: blessings and a Smile to all.”