Musicosophy Bands

Soul Music, Smooth Jazz, Funk Lite, R&B, and Ubi Jubi band that features a unique and positive sound

Roots Rock and Reggae Positive Arts and Culture band

Roots and Magic Mojo Music rock band

Rhythm and Drumming Circle with World Music sounds; Enochian Celtic and Hermetic tunings and such.

What is Musicosophy?

The word ‘Musicosophy’ comes from a combination of the words ‘Musical’ and ‘Philosophy’ and represents the Musical Philosophy that Sound and Vibration are fundamental to All Things and that Harmonic Resonance is the Key to Peace, Prosperity, Abundance, Health and a Long and Excellent Life.

Musicosophy Bands

a Complex Adaptive Organization


The Musicosophy Cultural Arts Organization is a Holarchic CAS (Learning Community). Complex Adaptive Systems are capable of learning, adaptation to their environment, quick and radical transformation or subtle incremental change, and conscious evolution. They are Intelligent Systems and they are Alive. Be part of the Cultural Movement as we weave our Sonic Tapestry into New Collective Art-forms.